​​Gate City Events, LLC.

Established 2016

Nuzzled in the rolling hills of the Sioux Valley, Gate City Events, LLC is located in Canton, SD.   We are just a few short minutes from Newton Hills State Park and recreational activities along the Big Sioux River and 30 minutes south of the center of Sioux Falls, SD.

Gate City Events, LLC purchased an already established residential acreage that will be a place for the Canton and surrounding communities to hold a variety of event, business & family gatherings to meet everyone's needs! 

How did we get our name you ask?  The whole purpose of Gate City Events, LLC started with the idea of the Canton community and being able to provide additional services and nourish our city!  With that in mind we started researching the roots of Canton and how it all came about over a hundred years ago.  The first permanent resident was August Linderman in 1866.  He filed a claim in 1866 on what is now called Newton Hills State Park.  Shortly after that more settlers began to arrive.  With all the additional settlers coming to this area there was a need for businesses.  For many years Canton was also known as "Gate City".  Many businesses used "gateway" or "Gate City" as part of their name and that's when we chose to do the same and bring back our city's heritage that started over 150 years ago!  So welcome to Gate City Events, LLC as we strive to continue growing our community as it started back in 1866!

Visit the following sites to learn more about how Canton, SD came to be!